Community Pride

Sent 10 Jun 2021

Hi there,

Jillian here! 🌈 Happy Pride Month! Tis the season for rainbows, glitter, and welcomed whole-self celebration. I don’t know about you but I am here for it! 👏

Why? Because our community intersects with the LGBTQ+ community, and I believe that we can all empathize that pride is not always an easily accessible experience or feeling. I don’t know about you, but that bums me out. Some of our most generative and rewarding endeavours are sourced from a vibrant well of pride activated within. If only we could move beyond the fog of fear, shame, and self-doubt to stand -- for a moment -- in our pride.

Drawing from my own experience, I’ve observed that pride is best activated when people feel invited, included, welcomed, and encouraged. And so, in the spirit of pride activation within our community, I have a few things to offer 🤓 

  • Join me over on discourse in the newly minted topic thread Community Pride. I thought I’d take the opportunity to get personal with ya’ll and start a more intimate conversation. I left some prompts to open up a dialogue, and I will be following up soon with a longer post on what pride means to me and the activation points along my journey. 🤩 
  • Schedule some time with me, one in a Jillian (heh! Dad jokes, am I right?), if you’re curious and want a safe and low-pressure space to learn more or brainstorm about participating at Coalesce this year! The call for proposals is open until June 25th and I want to encourage, invite, and welcome a diversity of voices. I will be very happy if you pack my calendar over the next few weeks! 

What’s new on our Community Team: 

  • If you missed the announcement, please join me in welcoming Anna Filippova to the community team!🎉 She joined us in May, after saying farewell to GitHub, as our first Director of Community. She’ll be excited to hear from you in the  #leading-data-teams channel in Slack.
  • This week, we're excited to support our friend, Claire Carroll, as she takes on a new adventure! Check out her announcement for all the details — we won't spoil it for you, but we want to share that we're exceptionally grateful for the work she has done within the dbt Community for the last two and a half years, and we're excited to see the great work she'll continue to do in the wider analytics engineering community. Help us support and celebrate her in this thread! 🎉🥲

Til next time!

✌🏼 Jillian

From the dbt community

Questions, ideas, articles, and useful insights from our community. Many of these discussions take part in the dbt Slack group — you can sign up here.

  • New Channels in Slack 👀 #local-poland, #local-vietnam, #local-chicago, #leading-data-teams, #feed-industry-articles
  • Fun and friendly reminder that dbt is always lower case - cause when it’s all caps it’s therapy! Shout out to Will Weld for the magnificent data lyricism 🎶
  • Nouras Haddad of Firebolt sparked a juicy conversation by sharing his musings on the ever expanding modern data stack. Just where are we on the expansion < ---> consolidation trajectory of the proverbial modern data stack?
  • Daniel Mateus Pires published an excellent write-up on SQLFluff - The linter for modern SQL. Observe here, how he very thoughtfully inquired about where to best share it (hint: where it’s contextually relevant).  
  • Haseeb Mohammed was eager to share his grades for last semester, and in doing so invited a discussion on data ethics that resulted in a list of excellent reading recommendations. I think this is a topic deserving of more attention and wonder if there are others in the community who spend their time reflecting on bias in data.
  • Dylan Baker shared some exciting news about Spectacles newest integration with dbt and Looker! In his words, “We’re thrilled to announce this integration, because dbt is in the DNA of Spectacles. I met my co-founder Josh Temple through the dbt community over 3 years ago. Our love of testing in dbt inspired us to build the first version of Spectacles. We know this integration will save data teams time by keeping Looker and dbt in sync.” You never know, your next co-founder could be just a slack channel away!
  • It’s always fun when a new member of the community makes a splash in their first week! Be sure to check out this thread from our last dbt Demo Day where Dr Ernie boldly framed dbt as the couch for org therapy. Excited to see this pitch come into Coalesce submissions!

A few things you may have missed

  • What happens when dozens of our community members combine their experiences and share their wisdom with a little bit of packaging and polishing from us? Check out this awesome Analytics Engineering Guide and see for yourself!
  • We’re expanding the dbt Slack with new channels. Want a local- channel for your local data community? Want a new topic channel? Reach out to our team.
  • New community-vendor guidelines that better specify how we think vendors can and should bring value to our community.
  • We’re looking for community members using newer dbt features to create write ups about how they implemented different solutions. 
  • Here are the recording and slides for dbt 101, 2021-06-03!

Great companies currently hiring

  • Data Analyst at ProGlove (remote across Munich, Belgrade, Chicago) where they are currently building out their analytics team. 
  • Data Community Evangelist at Atlan (global remote) -- Atlan just raised a $16M Series A to solve collaboration for the humans of data, because as we all know SQL is the easy part.
  • Analytics/Data Engineer at Nearmap (Australia/New Zealand) for those who like to flex both their technical and stakeholder management skills designing scalable data models.
  • Director of Data & Analytics at Maple (Toronto, Canada) for all of you data leaders with strong team building experience interested in changing the healthcare game.
  • Analytics Engineer at Rittman Analytics (Brighton, England) ever been curious to try your hand at consulting? This looks like a great opportunity to get broad exposure with strong support and training. 
  • Data Product Manager, Data Science at The Farmers Dog  (NYC) for all you dog and data lovers out there, this looks like an incredible opportunity to make a big impact at a company solving for the health and happiness of our four-legged furry companions. For the love of dogs, apply!

    ...and many, many more! Since our last newsletter we have had over 200 new posts in the #jobs dbt slack channel. It's a 🔥 time to be in data! 

    New ✨ You can now also browse 100% remote-friendly opportunities on the dbt Jobs board, curated by our friends at Outer Join

    Upcoming events

    Here’s where community members will be speaking, hosting, or attending. If you have an event to add to this list, just reply to this email with the details: