Getting Started with the dbt Semantic Layer

About the session:

Ready to bring consistency to your metrics with the dbt Semantic Layer? Watch our 2-hour course! Designed to improve your data project management, you'll gain a clear understanding of what the dbt Semantic Layer is, its purpose, and when to use it in your projects.

To dive right into this workshop, you should already be familiar with SQL and dbt. If you've had experience with dbt Cloud, Core, or tackled dbt Fundamentals, then you're all set to join us!

Meet our presenters

In this session, you’ll have a chance to chat face-to-face with experienced dbt experts. They'll provide live demos, invite you to participate actively in the discussion, and answer your questions. Don't stress if you need more time to keep up; the entire workshop will be recorded. You can revisit the material anytime after the session to complete your project at your own pace!