Flexibility and accessibility are core to our culture

We are an international team, so we design our remote work culture to be flexible across time zones. 33% of us are caregivers, 10% of us have a disability, and 100% of us are humans with bodies, and families, and lives that behave unpredictably. We don’t expect everyone to be at every meeting. We prioritize written, asynchronous communication, so you can contribute to team projects thoughtfully, when you’re at your best. You can pick the kids up from school, go to your doctor’s appointment, take a mental health day, or go on vacation without missing something important or leaving your coworkers in the lurch.

💜 This culture is fed by our values of We are human and We work hard and go home.

All compensation bands are public internally.

We make all our salary bands and career ladders available to all employees, and post compensation ranges externally so candidates know what to expect. We align our salary bands with top market pay across the US, and increase current salaries to match increases in market value.

We prioritize internal mobility to encourage career growth, broaden skillsets, increase employee satisfaction and lower attrition. In 2021, 10% of our roles were filled by internal candidates moving up the stack, and our goal for 2022 is 15%.

Want to know where you’ll fit in? Here’s our org chart.

💜 Our comp philosophy has been shaped by our value of Transparency always wins, and our internal mobility goals have been shaped by our value of Moving up the stack.

Our DEI committee has real buy-in and impact.

Over half of our team members are invested in the work of our three Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion sub-committees dedicated to Company Stance and Action, Culture, and Team Diversity. These groups keep dbt Labs rooted in our values, and invested in the sustained health of our community.

In 2020, the DEI committee created our Peer Advocates program as an anonymous tool to initiate structural change when we notice inequity.

In 2021, we established the Foundry Program: a paid, with benefits, apprenticeship program designed to train aspiring software and analytics engineers from non-traditional backgrounds.

In 2022, we are committed to building partnerships with engineering bootcamps and training programs that serve groups historically excluded from the tech space.

💜 These programs are important ways we enact We optimize for the long-term and We contribute to the knowledge loop.

Every employee has a stake in decision-making

We want to be invested in our work, and serving companies we believe in. We have a Conscientious Objection policy that allows individuals to opt out of a project that fundamentally conflicts with their personal values, and a Company Stance policy to not take on customers that the majority of our team would object to on ethical grounds.

💜 These policies are inspired by our values of We are human, and Values are more important than success.