Business critical data teams: Becoming indispensable to the CPO at Nasdaq

Do you have questions about how data and product teams should collaborate?

If so, watch this on-demand conversation with Brian Taylor, Lead Product Manager at Nasdaq. During this fireside chat, Brian will share his insights and experiences with building a self-service data platform with the billions of messages in Nasdaq’s data lakehouse—so business product managers can access market data now and when they need it. Hear from one of the leading voices in the financial industry and have your questions answered in a relaxed and casual setting—don’t miss out!

Who is Nasdaq: Nasdaq is the second largest stock exchange in the world, managing 30 exchanges across North America and the Nordics, and home to over 4,000 public companies. They also provide technology to 2,200 financial institutions in 130 markets.

Meet our presenters

Brian Taylor, Lead Product Manager at Nasdaq

Sofia Sulikowski, Customer PMM at dbt Labs

What you can expect

  • An overview of Nasdaq’s self-service data product, built on the modern data stack
  • How the data team partners with the product org to enable strategic product insights
  • Q&A with Brian around Nasdaq’s resulting new business opportunities

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