Build your AI initiatives on trustworthy data

Maintain the integrity and accuracy of the data powering your AI projects with dbt Cloud.

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AI runs on data. Data runs on dbt.

When it comes to large language models (LLM), reliability is everything. Inaccurate data in responses can quickly erode trust and be a major operational risk to your business. Set up your AI investments for success by enriching your LLMs with pre-vetted, carefully governed data inputs through dbt Cloud, ensuring the highest quality outputs.

Reduce AI hallucinations

Get high-quality AI responses, backed by data quality guardrails and rich business context from the dbt Semantic Layer.

Build once, use everywhere

Define your business logic in dbt Cloud. Access it through any connected LLM or analytics tool.

Lower the barrier to analytics

Make trusted decisions faster by empowering less technical users with self-service analytics in natural language.

Work from a shared understanding of semantics

Allow your LLMs to pull from a graph of canonical business definitions, governed centrally by your data team. Metric data is dynamically resolved through the dbt Cloud Semantic Layer, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Set a high bar for data quality

Ensure that only data of the highest standards feeds into your AI projects. Maintain full column-level visibility on the data assets your LLMs rely on, and easily prevent unexpected changes with powerful out-of-the-box CI, testing, and observability features.

Enrich your LLMs with context and nuance

Tap into dbt Cloud's rich metadata, and let your LLMs deliver more reliable answers. With awareness of documentation, freshness, and more, give your LLMs more signal on what data sets to surface.

Accelerate your AI projects

Your AI initiatives only move as fast as the development of the data that underlie them. Speed up development by streamlining your data transformation process—including using dbt Assist, an AI co-pilot experience built into dbt Cloud.

Tap into the power of Snowflake Cortex AI

Get started with a chatbot powered by Snowflake Cortex and the dbt Semantic Layer. Issue requests to Cortex straight from dbt, and use the results in your data pipelines.

Start building with dbt Cloud

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