What is dbt?

dbt™ is a transformation workflow that lets teams quickly and collaboratively deploy analytics code following software engineering best practices like modularity, portability, CI/CD, and documentation. Now anyone who knows SQL can build production-grade data pipelines.

How dbt works

How dbt works

Version Control and CI/CD

Deploy safely using dev environments. Git-enabled version control enables collaboration and a return to previous states.

Test and Document

Test every model prior to production, and share dynamically generated documentation with all data stakeholders.


Write modular SQL models with SELECT statements and the ref() function– dbt handles the chore of dependency management.

The new standard for data transformation

Develop faster

Replace boilerplate DDL/DML with simple SQL SELECT statements that infer dependencies, build tables and views, and run models in order. Write code that writes itself with macros, ref statements, and auto-complete commands in the Cloud IDE.

Work from the same assumptions

dbt’s pre-packaged and custom testing helps developers create a “paper-trail” of validated assumptions for data collaborators. Auto-generated dependency graphs and dynamic data dictionaries promote trust and transparency for data consumers.

Deploy with confidence

Build observability into transformation workflows with in-app scheduling, logging, and alerting. Protection policies on branches ensure data moves through governed processes including dev, stage, and prod environments generated by every CI run.



Eliminate data doubt with version control, testing, logging, and alerting. Snapshot changes over time and provide open access to hosted documentation.


Manage risk with SOC-2 compliance, CI/CD deployment, RBAC, and ELT architecture. Check out our Security page for more information.

Transform your data where it lives

Whether your analytics data is stored in a cloud warehouse, data lake, lake house or beach house - you can transform, test and document it with dbt.

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dbt Core

dbt Core™ is an open source command line tool that enables data teams to transform data using analytics engineering best practices.

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