Boost AI Reliability with dbt Cloud

What if data consumers could ask questions of your data, in natural language? Chances are you, like countless others, would like to make that possible at your organization.

When it comes to large language models (LLM), the quality of data outputs is paramount. Inaccurate data can quickly erode trust and pose major operational risks. So where do you start?

With dbt Cloud, you can enrich your LLMs with pre-vetted, carefully governed data inputs, and ensure your LLMs deliver the highest quality outputs possible today. Join us for a virtual event to see how dbt Cloud can enhance your AI initiatives with reliable and accurate data, reduce AI hallucinations, and accelerate your data projects.

Meet our speakers:

Drew Banin

Co-founder - dbt Labs

Luis Leon

Partner Solutions Architect - dbt Labs

Jason Ganz

Sr. Manager Developer Experience - dbt Labs

Azzam Aijazi

Sr. Product Marketing Manager - dbt Labs