Speed production with domain-level ownership

dbt Mesh allows you to reduce complexity without sacrificing governance.

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Simplify dbt at scale with dbt Mesh

Move beyond a single, monolithic project with sprawling, complex lineage. dbt Mesh is a new architecture that distributes large projects into manageable data domains—for faster data development.

Empower teams

Allow teams to focus on data pipelines that are relevant to their domains, and give them full ownership of their business logic.

Accelerate production

Allow domain teams to work quickly and autonomously, without being bottlenecked by a central data team.

Standardize governance

Enable your central data team to maintain visibility on end-to-end lineage, and set global development standards.

Build data products faster

Allow domain level teams to work quickly and independently, while adhering to governance policies established by the central team. Accelerate the onboarding of new developers by compartmentalizing business logic into domains.

Facilitate cross-team collaboration

Enable domain teams to easily reference and build on the work of other teams using cross-project refs, ensuring that you don’t create data silos. Re-use instead of re-build key data assets.

Build trust in data

Enable subject matter experts at the domain level to craft their own business logic, so they deliver the right high-quality data products to stakeholders. Model governance constructs allow developers to work with confidence that their changes won’t break anything downstream.

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