Reduce costs with zero-waste analytics

Optimize your processing and reduce data platform costs with dbt Cloud.

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Take control of your data platform spend

Avoid the costs of wasted computational resources—a common problem with fast-moving and collaborative development processes. dbt Cloud has integrated features that help you practice zero-waste analytics.

Reduce processing

Find opportunities to trim compute usage with full visibility into what’s running and when.

Reuse trusted data

Avoid recomputing data already in your data platform by automatically deferring to it.

Retire obsolete datasets

Identify outdated models, and work with their auto-documented owners to deprecate them.

Build and run selectively

Build models with modular code instead of monolithic script, so you can be selective about what runs and when. dbt Cloud also lets you leverage existing data, instead of rebuilding it, which saves time and streamlines an expensive, bloated data warehouse.

Process data efficiently

Process data incrementally with dbt Cloud, rather than running costly refreshes of entire pipelines. You can easily retire obsolete datasets, so you stop wasting compute by processing data you no longer use.

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