About the session

So, you’re a pro at using SQL and now you want to dive in and learn dbt? If you’re like the thousands of data practitioners that are still curious about what dbt is and why it matters, the Zero to dbt workshop can help.

Join this live session and experience a two hour dbt workshop. This fast-paced course will focus on rapidly teaching you the basics of dbt. We’ll cover the foundational knowledge you’ll need to experience the power of dbt. You will walk away understanding how dbt enables rapid development of transformation code, quality assurance, and deploying your transformations on a schedule.


March 29th at 6 PM ET (North America + APAC Friendly)

March 30th at 10 AM ET (North America + EMEA Friendly)

What you can expect

  • Basics of what dbt is and how it works
  • Step away with a completed tutorial dbt project
  • Get all your questions answered while following along with an expert

Meet our presenters

Michelle got her data science background conducting astrophysics data analysis research. Now, she uses those skills as an instructional designer at dbt Labs, where she collaborates with the rest of the customer success team to create meaningful learning experiences.

Afzal started his career doing internal analytics at several startups before moving into data consulting. After helping hundreds of organizations modernize their data systems he made the switch to dbt Labs. Now as a Solutions Architect, he provides strategic advice on how customers can fully leverage dbt in their data stack.

Join the fun

You can expect some lively conversation in the dbt Community Slack before, during, and after the event. Join us in #zero-to-dbt to follow along, chime in, or ask questions. If you’re not yet a member of the dbt Community (😱), you can sign up here.

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