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Analytics engineering is the data transformation work that happens between loading data into your warehouse and analyzing it.

dbt allows anyone comfortable with SQL to own that workflow.

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The dbt community is pioneering modern analytics engineering. We have users in industries ranging from technology and ecommerce to energy and finance.

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Transforming data. Transforming data teams.


The new workflow with dbt and Snowflake isn't a small improvement. It's a complete redesign of our entire approach to data that will establish a new strategic foundation for analysts at JetBlue to build on.

Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Provider

"I remember reading the dbt viewpoint and thinking this is fantastic—a simple way to focus on SQL as a way to manage data objects and at the same time solve our scheduling and dependency problems. dbt was an off-the-shelf solution that took our ideas to the next level. It was revelatory."


"We think empowering analysts to own their tools is the only way to build a productive analytics team at scale. dbt makes it easier to do data modeling the right way, and harder to do it the wrong way."

Built for the enterprise

dbt is SOC 2 compliant and offers an advanced feature set to meet the needs of large data teams. Learn more

  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Role-based ACLs
  • Multiple deployment options
  • Custom SLAs
  • Professional services
  • Private team training

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