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Focus your team on strategy, not maintenance

Invest in dbt Cloud to gain a set of features that make governance easier—for a more collaborative, trusted, and effective team.

Workflow governance

Allow data analysts and engineers to standardize on the same platform, with a single source of truth for metrics.

Role & access governance

Control who can ship changes, and ensure that only quality transformations make it into production.

Data governance

Limit errors and make auditing a breeze with auto-generated docs, version control, testing, and visual lineage.

Accelerate speed to insight

Too many teams operate in siloed processes where analysts make the case for new data, and engineers add the request to a weeks-long backlog. You can’t scale analytics that way. dbt Cloud is a trusted platform that makes building data systems collaborative and agile, instead of a disjointed hand-off.

Facilitate responsible data democracy

Protect data models and pipelines with built-in guardrails—like audit logs, job fail notifications, and fine-grained access control. dbt Cloud provides these features out-of-the-box, so engineers can focus on high-value work, and analysts can self-serve insights quickly and safely.

Optimize your cloud data platform

Make the most your cloud data platform by using software development best practices—like version control, testing, CI/CD, and auto documentation—for data transformations. dbt Cloud adds more efficiency, governance, and standardization to your data team’s work.

Build trust in data across the business

Add transparency to your data development process with a visual DAG and templated IDE. Embedded governance makes it easy to understand the lineage of data transformations and add in a DataOps process for higher data quality, accurate results, and reliable reporting.

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