dbt Cloud for the enterprise

Security and support that scales

Enable everyone on the data team to contribute to transformation work with dbt Cloud Enterprise — the most secure, reliable, and accessible way to create and maintain organizational knowledge.

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Security and support that scales

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How the world's fastest growing data teams maintain data quality, and trust

Keep pace with business changes

Keep pace with business changes

Automated dependency management

Teams with legacy data architectures face significant disruption when data structures change. dbt Cloud Enterprise lets you safely update upstream models in seconds. Log and share changes for easy audit and transparency.

Git-based version control

Use your git provider of choice to safely collaborate on shared repositories without duplicating or disrupting previous work. Review, merge, and productionize code using version control best practices tuned for speed and quality.

Meet security and compliance requirements


Leverage your identity provider of choice and apply role-based access permissions for faster and more secure access to dbt Cloud.

Regional deployment options

Host your Multi-tenant dbt Cloud instance in a custom deployment region to ensure compliance with data residency regulations.

Audit logging

Keep track of changes to users, groups, connections, jobs, and projects and export logs for long-term security requirements.

Multiple networking options

Secure connectivity traffic between dbt Cloud and your DWH with advanced networking options like AWS and Azure PrivateLink

Onboard your whole data team in days

Onboard your whole data team in days

Expert training

dbt Cloud Enterprise customers have exclusive access to product and process training from expert analytics engineers. Live workshops reduce ramp, and improve collaboration.

Web-based IDE

The command line shouldn’t be a barrier to transformation. dbt Cloud’s intuitive browser-based IDE centralizes development. Plus, IT teams never have to worry about local installs.

Transform your data where it lives

Whether your analytics data is stored in a cloud warehouse, data lake, lake house or beach house — you can transform, test and document it with dbt.