Manage the complexity of your modern data environment

Standardize on a SQL-first workflow and promote data development best practices with dbt Cloud so your teams can ship trusted data, faster.

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Build. Ship. Improve. Repeat.

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Build trust

Make data-driven decisions with confidence

Ship faster

Remove bottlenecks, increase productivity, and foster collaboration

Reduce costs

Re-use code, improve pipelines, and spend less time debugging

Embrace the standard for data transformation at scale

Standardize your approach to data modeling, and power your competitive advantage with dbt Cloud.

  • Build analytics code modularly—using just SQL or Python—and automate testing, documentation, and code deploys
  • Track code changes and keep data pipelines flowing and performant with built-in, Git-enabled version control
  • Debug pipeline issues fast with built-in logging and alerting
  • Write models once and deploy them across any number of environments

Visualize and improve your data workflow

Gain a bird’s-eye view of the documentation and lineage of your entire data estate. dbt Explorer is built on rich, stateful metadata in the Discovery API and gives you detailed context into each node’s status and relationships. Use global search to find specific resources and understand their dependencies, or dive into recommendations for how to improve model execution performance or optimize your dbt projects.

Get consistent metrics everywhere

Define business critical metrics like “revenue” or “churn” centrally in the dbt Semantic Layer, and flexibly query those metrics from your BI tool without compromising governance. Get the same answer—everywhere, every time—regardless of whether you’re using Tableau, Google Sheets, Mode, or any other analytics tools, so your teams can make trusted decisions, faster.

Build where you want

Make data analytics a multi-player sport, regardless of how technical you are. With dbt Cloud, you can write analytics code directly from the command line or build transformations in our managed cloud development environment. The choice is yours. Less technical users can even self-serve those data models directly from their BI tool.

Guarantee enterprise-grade governance and security

Break up your project monolith with dbt Mesh so domain teams can own their own dbt projects. Teams can reference resources across projects, and admins can enforce proper governance with built-in contracts, versions, and access controls. What’s more, all the bells-and-whistles you’ve come to expect from your enterprise software solutions—RBAC, SSO, audit logging, advanced security, and more—are included out-of-the-box.

Integrate across your full stack

Automate and orchestrate your data pipelines end-to-end. dbt Cloud offers deep integrations across the modern data stack, so you can discover new use cases and extend the analytics engineering workflow.

Start building with dbt Cloud

dbt is free forever for solo developers, and teams can try it out for 14 days. Create an account to escape tedious, disordered workflows and take control of the data you deliver.