Blog dbt Cloud is now available for Microsoft Fabric

dbt Cloud is now available for Microsoft Fabric

David Tishgart

Nov 15, 2023

Product News

We are proud to announce that dbt Cloud now supports the next generation of Microsoft data platforms: dbt Cloud is now available for Microsoft Fabric and support for Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics is coming soon. Now, developers, data engineers, and analytics engineers using these Microsoft data platforms can access dbt with built-in security, native authentication, governance, and enterprise features that accelerate data product development and optimize data platform costs.

The release of these co-developed adapters extends dbt Labs’ technology relationship with Microsoft. dbt Cloud already supports the Azure ecosystem via Snowflake and Databricks on Azure, Azure Active Directory authentication, triggering dbt Cloud jobs from Azure Data Factory, and version control in Azure DevOps.

Manage data complexity at scale with dbt Cloud

As organizations—and organizational data—grow in complexity, it becomes increasingly difficult for data teams to remain agile, maintain quality and consistency across a wide assortment of data products, and keep spend under control. dbt Cloud offers a simple, but powerful way of writing data transformation logic that scales as both data sources and business demand for data insights grow. dbt Cloud allows data teams to quickly and collaboratively develop and deploy analytics code using software development best practices (modularity, portability, version control, testing, documentation, CI, and more). And dbt Cloud runs on top of your cloud data platform, whether that’s Microsoft Fabric or a number of other warehouses and lakehouses.

Many of our customers and prospects are excited about the launch of Microsoft Fabric and recognize that dbt Cloud provides them with the best platform for developing and deploying data products at scale within the Azure ecosystem. The ability to unify data from a variety of sources into a single environment on Fabric, coupled with the SQL-based nature of dbt Cloud, opens more avenues for data collaboration in the enterprise. And when people and teams can work together unburdened by data silos or development bottlenecks, the entire business can move faster.

Using dbt Cloud, data teams can break out of reactive and toilsome workflows, control the chaos of their data estate, and deliver critical data products so organizations can actually make use of massive amounts of raw data and translate it into lasting competitive advantage.

As dbt has become a standard for data transformation on the data warehouse, we have seen significant demand from the Microsoft community to be able to use the collaboration and productivity features of dbt Cloud with Azure Synapse. With the now generally available Microsoft Fabric, we anticipate that many organizations using Azure will want to use the integrated Fabric platform, which brings together a set of solutions for data engineering, data science, and analytics into a single foundation. This is the reason that dbt Labs and Microsoft have been working collaboratively for several months to provide support for Microsoft Fabric on dbt Cloud.

To learn more about the integrated adapters, please read our documentation.

“dbt Lab’s SQL-friendly data transformation pipelines working seamlessly with Microsoft Fabric Synapse workloads will accelerate time to insights for our joint customers,” said Dipti Borkar, VP of Azure Data at Microsoft.

Data transformation translates to business value

After bringing dbt Cloud into their organizations:

  • A major quick-service restaurant franchise achieved 5x faster delivery times for historical data
  • A global mass media company saved 16 hours per data integration sprint project
  • The leading home solar panel company in the U.S. saw a 50% reduction in engineering tickets to diagnose and resolve complex data issues, as well as a 75% acceleration in time to deployment

A recent Forrester Total Economic Impact report showed that a composite organization using dbt Cloud for three years sees a 194% return on investment—and less than six months to break even on that three-year investment.

Get started with dbt Cloud for Microsoft Fabric

We look forward to working more closely with Microsoft to provide data practitioners with tools to develop, test, and deploy code based on software best practices. By deepening our relationships with industry leaders like Microsoft, we can accelerate our mission to empower data practitioners to create and disseminate organizational knowledge.

To access the dbt Cloud adapter for Microsoft Fabric, please reach out here.

To learn more about dbt Cloud, please check out our resources page or register for a live demo.

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