Building the business case for dbt Cloud

If you’ve ever introduced new workflows, tools or ideas to an organization before, you know that building a case isn’t just about justifying the financial cost—it’s about getting others excited about the potential, anticipating questions before they come up, and – most importantly – tying the change to company objectives.

That’s why we created this guide–to help data practitioners and leaders like you “make that case” for dbt Cloud. This guide is based on 18+ hours of interviews with dbt Cloud customers including JetBlue, Prosper, Envoy and more as well as tabulated results from a survey of 80+ dbt Community members. We leaned on these lived experiences to provide a roadmap and interactive templates to help you introduce Analytics Engineering best practices with dbt Cloud into your organization.

A few highlights from our research:

  • 70% of folks we surveyed said that moving to an Analytics Engineering workflow significantly reduced time spent troubleshooting data pipelines
  • 67% said that enabling non-engineers to absorb more development work has been a top benefit of implementing analytics engineering workflows
  • 63% of data practitioners said it took 3 weeks or less to train their team to adopt Analytics Engineering best practices with dbt

Inside this guide you will learn how to:

  • Align your business case for dbt Cloud with company business objectives (and how others did this)
  • Address the most common challenges you may encounter on your journey towards better data practices
  • Evaluate the real cost of homegrown solutions versus dbt Cloud–there’s an excel template inside!
  • Build an implementation plan for migrating users to dbt Cloud
  • And much more.

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