Data services that scale.

dbt Labs’ Professional Services team is compiled of Resident Architects and Analytics Engineers ready to support your data organization.

Work with Experts

Our team has extensive experience with dbt and the modern data stack and will partner with you to implement your toughest use cases

Accelerate Success

Implement dbt to meet your business and technical requirements with speed and quality. Gain confidence and peace of mind working with an expert dbt Labs team member.

Coach and Mentor

Receive coaching and mentoring on dbt implementation, administration, and integration within the modern data stack.

Resident Architect

The Resident Architect program will embed a trusted dbt Labs technical advisor into your organization to provide guidance, advise on best practices, plan forward-looking strategies, and help you get the maximum value out of dbt Cloud. Your assigned Resident Architect will have deep familiarity with dbt, cloud data warehouses, CI/CD, and the modern data stack. The Resident Architect serves as a mentor to your team and understands the use case requirements. As part of the engagement, the Resident Architect not only provides technical guidance and best practices, but will also assist with project design, solution prototyping, and high-level training as well as sharing use cases from other customers. If your team is new to dbt Cloud, the Resident Architect can also help your team with connecting dbt Cloud to your data warehouse, git, and SSO provider.

Analytics Engineering as a Service

dbt Labs Professional Services Analytics Engineers will work closely with your team based on a jointly defined scope and plan. Tasks can include dbt Cloud setup, advanced data modeling, project refactoring and design, as well as migration of legacy transformations to dbt. In addition, we will coach and mentor your team on dbt best practices. At the end of the engagement, you will receive the code, related documentation, and any work products we worked on.

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