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dbt Labs’ Professional Services team is compiled of analytics engineers ready to support your data organization.

Data Modeling

Transform and model data in your warehouse

Data modeling is the process of restructuring raw data—cleansing, denormalizing, pre-aggregating, and re-shaping it—so that it supports your analytical use cases.

Data modeling is hard, and we believe it’s the most important piece of your analytics stack. This is where our professional services team spends the most time and brainpower. We build and maintain an open-source product called dbt that thousands of analysts use to model their data, and we deploy dbt for every one of our professional services projects.

Google BigQuery
Amazon Redshift

Build your modern data stack

The first step for any analytics endeavor is building your modern data stack. We'll help you select your data warehouse and ELT technologies, configure them for you, and optimize the performance of your analytics environment.

Audit your dbt project

Our experts will perform an audit of your existing dbt project to provide both an assessment of quality as well as suggestions for improvement. We look for usage of critical dbt features like testing, documentation, source freshness and alerting but also make suggestions around code quality (modularity, clarity, performance, style guide consistency).

Increase the bandwidth of your data team

KPI Measurement

It turns out that counting things is hard. The good news is that most online businesses have very similar measurement challenges and we’ve solved them all a dozen times: marketing attribution, user funnels, subscription revenue, and more…


Most of our professional services engagements involve dbt training in some capacity. As our engagement winds down, we will help prepare your team to own and maintain your entire data stack, with an emphasis on dbt best practices.

Team Growth & Hiring

As you scale, you’ll grow your analytics team. We’ll help you find and interview the right people, train them in best practices, and coach them as they begin pushing code to production.

We empower awesome companies.


How we structure engagements

Our engagements are typically three months in length, for a set number of hours at a flat hourly rate. Our largest engagements are typically 60 hours a month and deploy two analytics engineers to assist your team.

We are not a good fit for projects that require a high level of support (160+ hours per month), or large-scale projects that require a consulting partner for over a year. In either of those cases we recommend checking out our extensive network of dbt preferred consulting providers.

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