ELT: A modern paradigm for modern architectures

Cloud data platforms—and the separation of storage and compute—have ushered in a new paradigm for data transformation.

Accelerate your data pipelines with ELT

Accelerate your data pipelines with ELT img


Develop data products iteratively for current and future use cases


Anyone who knows SQL can build and deploy transformation logic


Work like software engineers to ship high quality data products faster

Get more mileage out of your data

Traditional ETL locks you in to defining how you want to use your raw data before you even collect it. ELT gives you the flexibility to model your data on-the-fly with the freedom to iterate for current and future use cases. Explore and re-use existing data assets to save time, resources, and deliver insights faster. And since transformations happen directly in your data platform, you can maintain control of the entire process without other tooling.

Empower more users to build and deploy analytics code

Relieve the lift on data engineers and empower anyone who knows SQL to build and deploy transformation logic. That means data analysts can shape and ship analytics code and more people can self-serve data insights. Data consumers of all stripes can query data from their analytics tool and get consistent metrics—every time—with definitions defined centrally in the dbt Semantic Layer.

Black box, begone

Debugging a pipeline or transformation issue with traditional ETL solutions can be opaque and frustratingly time-consuming. Ship trusted analytics code faster by incorporating software development best practices into every transformation run. With built-in testing, version control, CI/CD, automated documentation, and lineage across staged environments, data teams will spend less time putting out fires and more time shipping quality code.

Reduce complexity without sacrificing governance

dbt Cloud supports a mesh paradigm so users can divvy-up large projects into manageable data domains. Central data teams have the control to define guardrails, set standards, and build contracts. Domain teams move faster with a more focused purview into the data lineage that is relevant to their work.

Integrate across the modern data stack

We support dozens of integrations across the modern data stack so you can transform your data wherever it lives, and send it wherever it needs to go. We’re honored to have been named “Partner of the Year” by both Snowflake and Databricks in addition to Databricks’ fastest-growing data and AI product of the year.

Modernize your transformation workflow with dbt Cloud

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