dbt and Snowflake

dbt Cloud is the fastest way to build trusted, governed data and AI products on Snowflake. Find out why thousands of organizations rely on the Data Control Plane to accelerate pipelines, improve collaboration, and get more data work done at enterprise scale. Now available as a Native App!

The easiest way to build data and AI assets on Snowflake

Build trusted AI applications - With dbt’s Native application call Snowflake Cortex AI to leverage the LLM of your choosing

  • Scale with ease - leverage existing dbt models across all teams with dbt Explorer maximizing the value of your consumption.
  • Protect sensitive data - combine dbt Cloud’s fine-grained access controls with Snowflake’s dynamic data masking for secure data pipeline development.
  • Develop and deploy efficiently - orchestrate jobs, reuse assets and automate version control all with a browser-based development.

Data trust = AI trust

Logging and alerting automatically built in with column-level lineage to understand transformations deeply.

Build more data products faster

Reuse of assets and full support for a robust development process means more people can build, more quickly with dbt Cloud and Snowflake.

Security and governance

With SSO, RBAC and audit logging built in; and 99.95% uptime you can trust your dbt Cloud + Snowflake data transformations.

Combine Snowflake Cortex AI with dbt Cloud for trusted AI applications

You can now issue Cortex requests straight from dbt and use the results in your data pipelines. Building trust in the data builds trust in the AI answers. That’s now easier than ever with dbt Cloud and Snowflake

dbt Labs named a Leader in Integration and Modeling

“Marketing professionals are seeing the value of operating with the full breadth of their data, thanks to the Snowflake Data Cloud. For the second year in a row, dbt Labs was named a Leader in the Integration and Modeling category. Joint customers integrate dbt with Snowflake to improve data uptime, ship trusted data faster, and build data assets at scale.”

-- Denise Persson, Chief Marketing Officer at Snowflake

dbt Labs named leader in integration and modeling
Produce quality transformations like industry leaders

Leading organizations use dbt Cloud and Snowflake to ship trusted data faster

Learn how leading organizations use dbt Cloud and Snowflake to ship trusted data faster.

  • McDonald’s leveraged dbt Cloud to implement a Datavault strategy on Snowflake.
  • Jetblue Improved data uptime from 65% to 99.9% with dbt Cloud and Snowflake.
  • Reforge used dbt Cloud to save 18 hours of Snowflake query time per week.
  • Sunrun automates SOX compliance on dbt Cloud + Snowflake.
  • TIER Mobility manages 350,000+ e-mobility assets with dbt Cloud and Snowflake.
  • MaxMine reduced time to insight by 80% by adopting dbt Cloud on Snowflake.

Snowflake's Data Integration Partner of the Year (x2)

In 2024, dbt Labs was named Snowflake’s Data Integration Partner of the Year. This is the second year in a row that we’ve received this recognition. We are working hard to bring incredible value to the Snowflake ecosystem. And, our journey doesn’t end here! Book a demo with an expert to learn more.

Snowflake's Data Integration Partner of the Year (x2)

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