Less maintenance, More ROI: Why Code42 moved from dbt Core to dbt Cloud

About the session:

As your company scales, so does the complexity of managing and maintaining its data infrastructure. Don’t let easily-avoidable maintenance work hold your data team back from delivering value to the business. Watch now and hear firsthand how Code42 migrated from self-managed dbt Core to dbt Cloud on Snowflake and enhanced their data operations to:

  • Scale their dbt deployment without compromising data quality
  • Save 40+ hours a week on maintenance
  • Improve dashboard uptime from 80% to 95+%

Code42’s Director of Analytics, Josh Carlson, watch this session to dive into Code42’s journey of moving to dbt Cloud, adopting a robust CI/CD process to improve data quality, and accelerating ROI.

Gain actionable insights and proven strategies to get the most out of your dbt deployment and set your team up for scale. Watch now!

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