Table of Contents

  1. Data transformation
  2. Data testing
  3. Implementations + deployment
  4. Documentation + metadata
  5. The modern data stack
  6. Data dream teams

Evaluating an offer in the data space

Shannon is the founder of Tribaja, an easy-to-use platform that connects equitable employers to skilled diverse talent in tech and startups. By implementing a community first strategy, they enable employers to find the right fit in a shorter time.

Negotiating from a position of power can be game changing for your career. In this session, Shannon Morales will lead a conversation sharing pro-tips for reviewing and adding value to a job offer.

Topics covered will include:

  • Evaluating an offer
  • Examining cultural fit
  • Finding equitable employers
  • Negotiating salary & benefits

Please note: This session is specifically for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in the dbt community, but all are free to join! Questions submitted by BIPOC community members will be prioritized.

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