Table of Contents

  1. Data transformation
  2. Data testing
  3. Implementations + deployment
  4. Documentation + metadata
  5. The modern data stack
  6. Data dream teams

Data dream teams: TripActions

Bart built his career as a business analyst and uses this foundation to partner with TripActions' Operations and Customer Success teams.

Rob is is leading the TripActions’ data initiatives across engineering, BI, data science, and data education. Prior to working at TripActions, he had been leading teams in the data space for almost 15 years across a number of industries including travel, telecommunications, consumer goods, and gaming.

Simon is an experienced fully-remote product leader and technical analytics professional. He operates at a high level to manage efficient organizations, develop internal talent, and grow people and processes to address problems short- and long-term. He lives in the foothills of the Adirondacks with his partner and two kiddos. When he’s not working, he’s growing heirloom tomatoes or baking sourdough baguettes.

Teodora is a data scientist specializing in recommendation systems at TripActions. Prior to this, Teodara built her career as a statistician and analyst, working across a number of different industries, including healthcare and marketing research.

Virginia is a software engineer who is deeply interested and passionate about software development.

Join us for a fireside chat with members of the TripActions data team to get an inside look at how their team gets work done. We'll learn how their data team is structured, some projects they've recently worked on, and what's coming up for the team!

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