Coalesce 2020

Talk replays from the 1st inaugural analytics engineering conference

Table of Contents

  1. Data transformation
  2. Data testing
  3. Implementations + deployment
  4. Documentation + metadata
  5. The modern data stack
  6. Data dream teams
Thanks to all of the speakers, sponsors and dbt Community members who made the first ever Coalesce possible!

Coalesce 2020 took place over 4 days in December, and featured talks along ~6 roughly defined tracks:

Data transformation

Stories of teams using dbt in unique and novel ways to build data transformations.

Data testing

Exploring how to build a culture of testing, and therefore trusting, your data.

Implementations + deployment

Deep dives into large-scale dbt implementations + pipeline orchestration tools.

Documentation + metadata

Stories of teams building a self-serve analytics culture through documentation + metadata.

The modern data stack

Exploring the present and future of data tooling + the cloud data warehouse.

Data dream teams

Dive with data dream teams into how they become an irreplaceable asset to their organization.

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