Blog Announcing our new dbt Cloud instance hosted in Frankfurt, Germany

Announcing our new dbt Cloud instance hosted in Frankfurt, Germany

A new data residency offering for dbt Cloud Enterprise customers in Europe. Read now
Announcing our new dbt Cloud instance hosted in Frankfurt, Germany

I’m SO thrilled to announce the general availability of dbt Cloud multi-tenant in Europe. Our growing customer base in Europe can now choose to host their dbt Cloud instance in Europe. This new European instance is hosted in Frankfurt, Germany. This will allow organizations to meet data residency requirements by taking advantage of dbt Cloud’s secure, scalable, and multi-tenant cloud platform. We have multiple Enterprise customers in Europe that have been using this instance for multiple weeks now, including one of Europe’s largest energy companies.

Currently, the Europe multi-tenant instance is available only to dbt Cloud Enterprise plan customers, the key benefits of the new instance include:

  1. Centrally located in Europe and hosted on AWS in eu-central-1 (Frankfurt, Germany) which offers the same high-availability architectural design as dbt Cloud US
  2. 100% in-region data residency and locality with no replication outside Europe
  3. Consistent and frequent release schedule
  4. Feature parity between US and Europe multi-tenant instances for all existing features

Customers can now see what country their accounts are actually hosted in, simplifying the purchasing, management, and compliance processes for companies with a strong need for specific residency requirements.

Meet your Compliance requirements

dbt Cloud Europe meets all of the most common compliance requirements we encounter amongst enterprise customers:

  1. ISO27001
  2. ISO27701
  3. DPA
  4. GDPR
  5. SOC2 

For more details, please read our Security brief.

Enterprise Security

Furthermore, the same enterprise features applicable to dbt Cloud in the US are applicable to dbt Cloud in Europe:

  1. User and group management
  2. Role-based access control
  3. Single sign-on
  4. Audit logging
  5. Granular service tokens

We’re closely studying potential future locations for additional multi-tenant dbt Cloud instances. If your company has security requirements for an instance in your region, please reach out to me on dbt Slack (@sai).

Europe dbt Cloud FAQ: What you need to know

Which data regions does dbt Cloud support?

dbt Cloud default region is in the US. In October 2022 we started to roll out our first multi-tenant data region outside the US and this region is hosted in Frankfurt, Germany. Additional data regions are currently under review and will be announced in the future.

How can I use this new dbt Cloud instance in Europe?

If you are not a current dbt Cloud customer and are interested in learning more about our new Frankfurt instance, please reach out to us and someone will be in touch with you. If you’re an existing dbt Cloud Enterprise plan customer hosted in the US, we currently don’t support automatic migration of accounts hosted in our US instance. Please reach out to your account manager for more details.

Will all the data in my dbt Cloud account be stored in the EU?

All Customer Data that you add/configure to dbt Cloud will be stored in the AWS servers hosted in Frankfurt. Read our security docs for more details on the type of data we store and use.

What’s the experience of using this new dbt Cloud instance? 

dbt Cloud Europe can be accessed via

Does the experience of using dbt Cloud change when using this new Europe instance? 

Most features and fixes are released to both US and Europe instances at the same time. All current features that are supported on dbt Cloud US are also supported on the Europe instance. There might be instances where we may perform a gradual rollout of a new feature or functionality in phases. In these rare cases, a feature may be first released to a certain percentage of accounts or to accounts in certain locations. Currently, the only new feature that will not be supported on the new European dbt Cloud is Semantic Layer - we are aiming to release it at the end of this year. 

Will this new dbt Cloud instance in Europe be available for Team plan customers?

No, Team plan customers will continue to be hosted in the default dbt Cloud region in the US and will not have the option to choose a region. The ability to choose a region is available with dbt Cloud Enterprise plans. Please reach out to us if you want more information about dbt Cloud Enterprise plans.

Last modified on: Oct 12, 2022