Blog Introducing dbt Cloud Australia: A new deployment option for APAC customers

Introducing dbt Cloud Australia: A new deployment option for APAC customers

Sai Maddali

Feb 21, 2023

Product News

G’day mates. I'm excited to announce that dbt Cloud's multi-tenant instance is now available in Australia! This new deployment option allows customers to meet data residency and performance requirements in the Asia-Pacific region, with the security, scalability, and reliability of dbt Cloud's multi-tenant cloud platform on AWS.

As part of our commitment to supporting our growing base of customers in the region, we've chosen Sydney, Australia as the base for this new instance. It will join our other regional deployment options in EMEA and North America, giving you additional flexibility to meet your data residency needs.

At present, the Australian multi-tenant instance is available only to dbt Cloud Enterprise plan customers. Some key benefits of adopting it include:

  • 100% in-region data residency, with no replication outside Australia. The instance is hosted on AWS in ap-southwest-2 (Sydney, Australia.)
  • Identical high-availability architecture, with the same architectural design as dbt Cloud North America and EMEA.
  • Consistent and frequent release schedule, with faster product iteration than is currently possible on single-tenant instances of dbt Cloud.
  • Feature parity with the EMEA and North America multi-tenant instances for Generally Available features.

Compliance and Security

The newly launched Australian instance of dbt Cloud meets the most common enterprise compliance requirements, including ISO27001, ISO27701, DPA, GDPR, and SOC2. You can learn more about our security policies and practices in our Security brief.

In addition, the instance offers enterprise-grade security features such as user and group management, role-based access control, single sign-on, audit logging, metadata API, and granular service tokens, which are also available on our US and European instances.

Looking Ahead

Of course, we’re not done yet. We’re constantly studying potential locations for additional multi-tenant dbt Cloud deployment regions. If you happen to have specific requirements for an instance in your region, please reach out — I’m @sai on dbt Slack. I'd love to hear from you!

FAQ: What you need to know about the new dbt Cloud Australia instance

Which data regions does dbt Cloud now support?

With the launch of this latest instance, dbt Cloud multi-tenant currently runs in the following regions:

  • North America: Hosted in AWS us-east
  • Europe: Hosted in eu-central-1
  • Asia Pacific: Hosted in Sydney, Australia (AWS ap-southwest-1)

Additional data regions are currently under review and will be announced in the future.

How can I use this new dbt Cloud instance in Australia?

If you are not a current dbt Cloud customer and are interested in learning more about our new Sydney instance, please reach out to us and someone will be in touch with you. Note that for existing dbt Cloud Enterprise plan customers with accounts on a US-hosted instance, your account will not be automatically migrated. Please reach out to your account manager for more details.

Will all the data in my dbt Cloud account be stored in Australia?

All Customer Data that you add/configure to dbt Cloud will be stored in the AWS servers hosted in Sydney. You can refer to our security docs for more details on the type of data we store and use.

How do I actually access the new dbt Cloud instance?

It can be accessed at

Does the experience of using dbt Cloud change when using this new Australia instance?

Most features and fixes are released to all all multi-tenant instances at the same time. There may, however, be instances where we perform a gradual rollout of a new feature or functionality in phases. In these rare cases, a feature may be first released to a certain percentage of accounts or to accounts in certain locations. Currently, the only dbt Cloud feature that will not be supported on the new instance is the dbt Semantic Layer, which is currently in Private Preview. We are aiming to release it later in 2023.

Will this new dbt Cloud instance in Australia be available for Team plan customers?

No, Team plan customers will continue to be hosted in the default dbt Cloud region in the US and will not have the option to choose a region. The ability to choose a region is available with dbt Cloud Enterprise plans. Please reach out to us if you want more information about dbt Cloud Enterprise plans.

Last modified on: Jun 03, 2024

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