Blog Announcing the Fivetran dbt Cloud integration

Announcing the Fivetran dbt Cloud integration

Alexis Jones

Feb 01, 2024


Today, Fivetran announced their new integration with dbt Cloud. Now, our mutual customers can automate their data transformations post data load, thereby reducing latency and compute costs while speeding up time to insight. Synchronizing their Fivetran and dbt Cloud ELT workflows allows data teams to spend their valuable time on more proactive work, with the confidence that downstream decisions are always being made from the freshest data possible.

Check out the demo below to see it in action!

The case for the ELT workflow

As more organizations adopt cloud data platforms, they’re embracing an ELT paradigm for the improved flexibility, collaboration, and productivity this approach offers data teams as compared to legacy ETL. Since data integration (“EL”) and data transformation (“T”) capabilities are typically offered by different vendors, native integrations between these components of the stack are critical for helping organizations realize the most value from their data platform investments and ultimately ship trusted data faster.

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With Fivetran’s native integration into dbt Cloud, our over 1,000 mutual customers can accelerate and automate their data pipelines, reducing technical burden on data teams to keep data pipelines humming. By automating dbt Cloud jobs to run as soon as new data is loaded into the warehouse by Fivetran, our joint customers can:

  • Reduce data latency and deliver insights faster,
  • Optimize compute cost by only running jobs when there’s new data, and
  • Ensure that decisions are always being made from the freshest data possible
“Fivetran’s dbt Cloud integration will help data teams operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. We even use this feature internally to fully synchronize and automate our Fivetran and dbt Cloud instances, reducing the time our team spends on pipeline build and maintenance to near null. This means our team—and our clients’ teams—can now focus on more strategic projects, while saving money since compute isn’t engaged until there’s new data available.” - Mac Noland, Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer at phData

How it works

Simply connect your dbt Cloud project(s) under the Transformations tab in Fivetran.

From there, you’ll be able to select an option to have dbt Cloud jobs automatically run as soon as upstream Fivetran connectors have finished loading.

That’s it! Now sit back and enjoy the effortless synchronization of your complete ELT pipeline. 🙌

Get started

The Fivetran integration with dbt Cloud is now available in public beta. Check out Fivetran’s blog to learn more.

Last modified on: Mar 27, 2024

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