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A Good Problem to Have…

… just not a good one to keep! In this two part series you’ll learn how we rearchitected our scheduler to meet greater demand in dbt Cloud. For those looking for more technical detail, the second post will be written by and for engineers interested in troubleshooting distributed systems.

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Coalesce 2021

Data as Engineering

In our talk, we’d like to share a deep dive into how we do it and why it works. In particular, we’ll talk about our overall philosophy, then dig into our development workflows and CI/CD pipelines. Finally we will cover how we scaled all that to put data engineering tools into the hands of our entire GetUpside team.

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Slack DMs: George and Tristan discuss the future of Fivetran and dbt

June 11, 2021 update – This post hasn’t aged as well as I would’ve hoped. George makes a strong statement in it: “Fivetran is not fundamentally a company that is focused on data transformation.” That statement appears to be less true today than it was in October of 2020. In a recent conversation, George indicated to me that data transformation had become a core part of the Fivetran strategy. And as the company moves towards the GA release of Fivetran Transformations, it’s become increasingly hard for the two companies to continue what was once an extremely close commercial relationship.

While we continue to be excited about Fivetran’s adoption of dbt as a standard for data transformation, the relationship between the two companies is a bit more like the relationship between Snowflake and AWS: sometimes allies, sometimes competitors. And that’s ok—these kinds of evolutions happen in fast-moving markets like the one we’re in.

We continue to have a lot of respect for Fivetran (and use their data ingestion product internally!). Many Fivetran employees make fantastic contributions to the dbt Community and the company is working on some tooling contributions that it hopes to release as open source software soon. All of this is fantastic.

As the ecosystem evolves, I do want to be extremely clear about our own stance: we believe that dbt Cloud is by far the most robust tool on the market for both authoring and productionizing dbt workloads. And as we continue to ramp our product and engineering velocity that gap will only increase. This shouldn’t be surprising—we’ve been working on this problem for five years now and it’s been our sole focus that entire time. It will continue to be our sole focus moving forwards.

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Analytics is a Trade

Over the past three months I’ve been in the lab building Fishtown Analytics. There’s a lot of the company formation process that’s been fun for me. I love checklists, and treated the opening of this business as a really big one.

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