Blog We’ve revamped our Professional Services offerings

We’ve revamped our Professional Services offerings

The Professional Services team at dbt Labs has a simple remit: ensure dbt Cloud customers get as much value from the platform as possible, as quickly as possible. Read now
We’ve revamped our Professional Services offerings

New year, new us. Our portfolio of Professional Services offerings now includes a range of new engagement models and bundles. We want it to be as easy as possible for your organization to find a solution that works for your business.

But first, you might be wondering…

Why dbt Labs Professional Services?

The dbt Community is full of incredible resources. In addition, dbt Labs has produced several free, on-demand courses to help people learn to use dbt effectively, and we’re always improving our documentation.

If that covers everything you need to hit the ground running, great! But we’ve also seen that many customers, especially on our Enterprise tier, are looking for more guidance when introducing their team to a new workflow.

We know it can be challenging to set up your dbt project at scale and follow best practices; to overcome technical roadblocks during a migration process; to get set up as quickly as you want to hit aggressive roll-out goals, and so much more.

You’ve likely either already invested, or are planning to invest a lot to implement dbt Cloud. An engagement with dbt Labs Professional Services is a great way to ensure that you get the highest possible return on your investment:

  • See value faster by completing your rollout in 2 months instead of 6 months.
  • Make optimal use of dbt Cloud features such as Slim CI to better keep usage-based warehouse costs under control, or the Semantic Layer to better enable self-serve for business users.
  • Save resources down the line by following best practices up front and avoiding costly reconfigurations of your dbt deployment’s structure, environments, models, or jobs — ensuring you maximize development speed and organizational confidence.

Ultimately, the Professional Services team at dbt Labs has a simple remit: ensure dbt Cloud customers get as much value from the platform as possible, as quickly as possible.

Simple bundles

The services portfolio now includes new Pro Packages. These are bundles of training and consulting hours geared towards empowering your team with best practices and putting our hands on keyboard to add velocity to your development process.

These off-the-shelf bundles provide access to our experts at discounted rates (because who doesn’t love a bundle?!)

dbt Labs Professional Services Pricing Bundles

New Engagement Models

In addition to the Pro packages, the updated services portfolio also presents a variety of engagement models to help ensure you’re able to get the level of support you’re looking for.

Offerings include:

  • Flexible office hours. Have your team meet with an experienced dbt Labs’ analytics engineer on a regular basis, ask questions, and receive guidance on dbt implementation and best practices.
  • Resident Architect. Get a dedicated dbt Resident Architect assigned to your team, working closely to provide guidance on dbt implementation, best practices, and optimization.
  • Analytics Engineering as a Service: Have an experienced analytics engineer embed with your team to roll up their sleeves and help develop your dbt project.
  • dbt Core to dbt Cloud migration. Get tailored support to migrate from dbt Core and enjoy all the benefits of dbt Cloud.
  • Solution Review. Have your dbt implementation reviewed by an experienced dbt Labs analytics engineer. They’ll provide a detailed analysis report with critical, high, medium, and low priority recommendations, and work with you on implementation.
  • Custom engagements. Have needs that aren’t quite being met by any of the above offerings? We can build a custom engagement model just for you.

To learn more about the above offerings, you can see all the details in one place in the updated dbt Labs Professional Services brochure.

Partnering for success

The dbt Labs Professional Services team is made up of experienced Analytics Engineers who have first-hand experience working across hundreds of different dbt projects. They’re also tightly coupled to our product team to understand and deploy our newest features — and how they can help your team meet your goals more quickly.

Regardless of whether you are starting with a blank dbt project slate, have an established project that… just isn’t operating in the ways you want it to, or are looking to migrate to dbt from legacy transformation tooling or even dbt Core, our updated services portfolio should have an offering to fulfill your needs.

What does that look like in practice?

Last year, we helped a Fortune 100 company in the food industry migrate from Hadoop to BigQuery and dbt Cloud. They had multiple teams working in parallel on dbt development: establishing processes to help them refactor dbt models and configure dbt tests was crucial to ensuring operational efficiency and a scalable CI/CD process.

Alongside that work, we provided them continuous guidance on best practices and mentored the various teams involved — setting them up for sustainable long term success, and allowing them to achieve the highest ROI possible on their new data investment.

Interested in getting started?

Reach out to dbt Professional Services at, or to your dbt Labs sales contact if you have one and let them know you’re interested. Professional Services are available to all customers currently on or evaluating the dbt Cloud Enterprise plan. We look forward to working with you!

An important note: the dbt Labs Professional Services team isn’t the only option you have for support with your dbt implementation — we proudly work with over 140 different services partners across the world that are well suited to help you achieve your goals with dbt. You can see a full list on our partner directory to find a partner that works best for you.

Last modified on: Nov 22, 2023