Blog dbt Labs and Snowflake are building on a thriving partnership

dbt Labs and Snowflake are building on a thriving partnership

Nikhil Kothari

Nov 01, 2021


dbt Labs and Snowflake have a history of working together dating back to our earliest days. This relationship has been crucial to enabling dbt on Snowflake, optimizing the user experience and onboarding countless shared customers. It continues to accelerate today, and as a testament to our achievements and joint customer success, dbt Labs has been recognized as a Snowflake Premier Partner.

We've recently reached several new milestones that we're excited to share with you.

Christian Kleinerman, SVP of Product at Snowflake, and Tristan Handy, dbt Labs's Founder and CEO, will be on stage together at Coalesce 2021

Coalesce, The Analytics Engineering Conference hosted by dbt Labs, is shaping up to have an incredibly exciting list of speakers and we're thrilled to share that Christian Kleinerman, Snowflake's SVP of Product will be joining Tristan Handy, Founder & CEO of dbt Labs for a fireside chat.

They'll be talking through some big questions related to current and future developments in the data landscape.

If you haven't already, be sure to register to attend.

Snowflake customers can now try dbt Cloud through Snowflake Partner Connect

While it's always been fairly quick and easy for new users to try out dbt Cloud through our self-serve flow, it does take a few additional steps to establish connections and get the right configuration.

With Partner Connect, Snowflake users can start a new dbt Cloud trial and automatically spin up dedicated Snowflake objects, pre-connected and ready to go. This seamless, risk-free experience is perfect for customers looking to quickly get a feel for what dbt and Snowflake can achieve together.

Teaming up for customer success

We're extremely lucky to have a front-row seat in witnessing how organizational knowledge is created and disseminated. Across our customers, we see a wide range of business challenges, yet a consistent opportunity to benefit from reliable and timely data analysis to act on.

Over the last year, companies such as Cisco, CircleCI, Domain, HubSpot, Nelnet and many others have adopted a modern data stack built with dbt Cloud and Snowflake. At each of these companies, this joint solution has been instrumental to data teams eliminating bottlenecks, bolstering organizational trust in data, and reducing time to value.

Here's what the Principal Data Architect at a Fortune 500 Energy company had to say:

"With Snowflake and dbt, the people who have the business problem now have the tools to go and solve their business problem. It creates a fundamentally different relationship ... We're no longer the bottleneck or order taker."

Hubspot's Director of Data Infrastructure, James Densmore shares:

"dbt makes it easier to do data modeling the right way, and harder to do it the wrong way. We want to continue building an internal community around Snowflake and dbt to empower our analysts to get the most out of what these tools can do together."

A Virtual Hands-On Lab at Snowflake's Build summit

To help users explore dbt Cloud with Snowflake in a more structured environment, we've collaborated with Snowflake to build out a quickstart guide showcasing the process of using the two tools together.

Recently at the Snowflake Build Summit, we hosted a Virtual Hands-on Lab that walks through a practical scenario of building a scalable data transformation pipeline based on live financial markets datasets available through Snowflake's Data Marketplace. The session pulled in over 2,000 attendees. If you missed it, you can still catch the video on-demand on the Build Summit website.

Best practices, jointly created and published by Snowflake and dbt Labs

With the power and flexibility of tools like Snowflake and dbt, there are several design choices organizations have to make as they approach the challenge of setting up their data pipelines. These choices can have implications on scalability, performance, and complexity that compound over time. To help teams navigate the process, we've teamed up with Snowflake to jointly document and share best practices that can serve as a useful resource in the planning and implementation phases.

The white paper we've jointly developed, titled "Best Practices for Optimizing Your dbt and Snowflake Deployment" is freely available.

Last modified on: Feb 27, 2024

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