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“Databricks Lakehouse Platform and dbt have eliminated the manual tasks and errors from our data transformations. We’ve been able to stand up new solutions for internal clients in half a day compared to 3-5 days previously.” Brandon Smith, Director of Data and Analytics
  • 80% Reduction in data engineering hours, reducing costs

  • 95% Reduction in time to onboard new employees

  • 6-Figure annual savings in IT headcount costs

“Blend is enterprise software handling data for large financial institutions—our data is a product. Without dbt, we wouldn't be able to live up to our agreements on providing customers visibility into their data" DC Chohan, Senior Data Engineering Manager
"With Snowflake, dbt, and Metaplane, trust in data is a lot higher. As a result, our team is using data to drive the business forward." James Sharwin, Head of Data
  • 10x report load time improvement

  • 8 hours/week saved identifying data incidents

Car & Classic
“Before dbt Cloud, we were happy if we could restore something the same day it broke. Now, we can preview results before merging, and my team no longer needs to switch between Snowflake and VS Code. The time saving there alone is just amazing.” Josh Carlson, Director of Analytics
  • 40 hours saved weekly on maintaining models

  • 10% decrease in warehouse computing costs

  • 15% saved in ingestion costs with dbt snapshots

“The business now feels very comfortable asking us quirky ad hoc questions, and because we have a model in place, it's easy for us to either build it or answer that query. Productivity is skyrocketing.” Huss Afzal, Data Director
  • +100 data team NPS, rated by internal stakeholders

  • 1 week to build new dashboards, down from months

  • 2 hours to debug, down from half a day

"dbt allows us to set and track metrics-driven goals for almost everything we do. Every metric we track aligns to our core values, and is presented in that context to all business users." \-Jacob Mulligan, Head of Analytics
  • 20x faster model development

  • 50+ business users served

  • 100% of models shipped with tests

Firefly Health
"We think empowering analysts to own their tools is the only way to build a productive analytics team at scale. dbt makes it easier to do data modeling the right way, and harder to do it the wrong way." James Densmore, Director of Data Infrastructure
“One thing I used to hear a lot was 'can I trust this data?' Now everyone knows: if it's there in the warehouse, you can trust it because it's been tested and centralized.” Gabriel Marinho, Lead Analytics Engineer
  • 90% reduction in data maintenance time

  • 3500 dbt tests applied, up from 150

  • 83 centralized metrics implemented in the dbt Semantic Layer

"The new workflow with dbt and Snowflake isn't a small improvement. It's a complete redesign of our entire approach to data that will establish a new strategic foundation for analysts at JetBlue to build on." Benjamin Singleton, Director of Data Science & Analytics
  • 3-month migration of 26 data sources, 1200 models, and 6300 tests to dbt

  • $0 increase in total cost of ownership

  • 6-8 hour data infrastructure maintenance windows reduced to 0

“We’re now able to do analysis that used to take weeks in days. It's a win for our productivity, and a win for our clients who hire us to optimize their sites.” Theo Visan, Senior Analytics Engineer
  • Time-to-insight reduced from weeks to days

  • 12.5-hour reduction in idle time per day for clients

  • 60,000 liters of fuel saved in six months

“What we do with Data Vault wouldn’t be possible without dbt. We don’t need to think about the underlying technical stuff and can instead focus on modeling our business concepts.” \-Cristian Ivanoff, Data Engineer
  • €1.3bn in sales tracked across restaurants, drive-throughs, and delivery

  • 4 markets with different data stacks centralized

  • 5x faster delivery times for historical data

McDonald’s Nordics
“Before, 9 out 10 times the sales and executive team had to wait months to receive a data point they requested. By then, the data wasn’t relevant anymore or the new business was already lost.” Michael Weiss, Senior Product Manager
  • 100-125 billion transactions operated per day

  • 55 business users onboarded to modeling and reporting

"I remember reading the dbt viewpoint and thinking this is fantastic—a simple way to focus on SQL as a way to manage data objects and at the same time solve our scheduling and dependency problems. dbt was an off-the-shelf solution that took our ideas to the next level. It was revelatory." Ryan Goltz, Principal Data Architect
  • 2x increase in the number of people collaborating on data modeling

  • 3 weeks of work eliminated from regulatory reporting

  • $10M reallocated back into the business

Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Provider
“Trust is so important because we are the experts in data analysis. And if you have a good level of trust, your insights are more likely to be robustly discussed.” Sam Ellett, Lead Data Scientist
  • Increased speed to delivery by 30%

  • 80% decrease in inconsistent reports

  • 10 inconsistent data sources identified and resolved per month

"All of our models are born and bred in dbt. When people think of clean data, they think of dbt models. There's very little that isn't powered by dbt at Ramp." Kevin Chao, Senior Analytics Engineer
  • 20% reduction in data platform costs

  • 33% increase in data transformation speed

  • 25% of all sales pipeline generated by their new personalization engine

“With Databricks, Fivetran, and dbt, we can use data and AI in ways that help us reach the right customers with our clients’ marketing campaigns. That means we can deliver better results for their investment.” Brandon Beidel, Director of Product Management
  • 100 hours saved on a typical data integration

  • 80% less time spent on data processing jobs

  • 30% more clients supported without increasing IT head count

Red Ventures
"Engineers can see how the data they model in dbt becomes data that other teams are acting on. They can understand why we make certain requests. It makes a world of difference in their motivation and satisfaction." Daniel Wolchonok, Head of Data
  • 18 hours saved per week

  • 350% team growth rate

“The data team knew there was a better way. We needed to invest in building the foundations to be able to operate at the right level.” Agnieszka Hatton, VP of Data & Analytics
  • -20 to +69 eNPS

  • 2x increase in new customer retention

  • 80% of data rebuilt using dbt

"We’ve grown incredibly in the last 2.5 years, and there’s no way that growth would have been possible without bringing in Snowflake, dbt, Metaplane, and the modern data stack" Ben Cohen, Data Engineering Lead
  •  600% decrease in time to actionable data

  • 8x increase in engineering contribution

  • $110,500 saved in annual engineering costs

“With data teams spanning several business functions, we didn't just need a way to standardize development. We needed a way for those processes to be easily understood by everyone—seasoned engineers, new analysts, the CFO... everyone.” Jared Stout, Head of Data Management
  • 10 engineers and 40 analysts share 1 development framework

  • 50% reduction in engineering tickets for data issues

  • 75% acceleration in time to deployment

“Growing from five to 300 people meant we needed more consistent data, version control, testing, discoverability—all the features that we could get with dbt Cloud and Stemma” \- Eric Ganbat, Senior Data Engineer, Tempo
  • 30-40% improved efficiency

“dbt Cloud allowed our data platform team to strengthen our data infrastructure and our analysts to build scalable models on top—unlocking the velocity and insights we need to scale.” Kumar Aman, Team Lead Data Engineer
  • 500x more rides in 4 years

  • 6 to 60 people on the data team in under 2 years

  • 1 hour to onboard new data team members to dbt

TIER Mobility
"With Fivetran and dbt Cloud, more teams are able to get the pipelines they need. We have more efficient collaboration between teams that previously did not exist. Our teams are able to share insights that serve the customer the best healthcare experience possible." Trenton Huey, Senior Director of Data
  • 6 months to implement and launch a new data stack

  • 80% of work to create new data products can be self-served by analytics team

  • 1 day to trace the root cause of issues, down from two weeks

Vida Health
“dbt is a critical part of our infrastructure, and Metaplane allows us to ensure that it is running smoothly around the clock." Max Calehuff, Data Engineer
  • 3x increase in data pipeline contributors

  • 1 OKR achieved, around data quality goals

  • 100% of data models created in dbt

Vivian Health
“I’ve been working in the data space for over ten years, and Snowflake, dbt Cloud, and Hightouch have solved 95% of the problems that I’ve run into. Together, these tools power everything we do at Wellthy.” Kelly Nelson Pook, Sr. Analytics Engineer
  • Saved 27 hours of manual data work, leading to huge cost savings

  • Built over 300 models and 2,500 tests using dbt

  • Captured an additional $80,000 in revenue from two alerts

"dbt and Hex make the data development environment so much easier to work with than any other combination of tools...I can instead focus on scaling my team, and building the best live shopping platform." \-Emmanuel Fuentes, Head of Machine Learning & Data Platforms
  • 4-8x increase in speed from idea to production

  • 1 week for new analytics engineer hires to start shipping

  • 10x decrease in maintenance costs

“dbt opens up the visibility and capabilities of our analysts so they can do more than just reporting. Because they need to do more. There’s no other way to be efficient enough.” \-Luis Noguera, Head of Analytics
  • 5 analysts trained with no previous data engineering experience

  • 5x more models developed

  • 50% reduction in model build time

"We like to be Zip by name and Zip by nature. So we needed to update our old technology choices that were holding us back from moving as quickly as we wanted to." Moss Pauly, Sr. Product Manager
  • 1000+ models in production after 18 months