Why and how to adopt dbt Cloud

Welcome to round ✌️ of why and how to adopt dbt. Ready to learn how to maintain healthy documentation over time with dbt? Great! Once you’ve become comfortable with testing using dbt, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure that your models are documented so your business logic is captured and shareable. Join dbt Labs as we delve into the topic of adopting dbt Cloud and explore the best practices behind scaling dbt capabilities to production-readiness.

Watch this recording to discover effective strategies, gain insights from successful implementations, and ensure that your data documentation remains robust, reliable, and valuable to your organization. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your data documentation practices with dbt.

What you’ll hear

  • The business implications of having inadequate or outdated data documentation
  • How you can run documentation coverage checks before moving model changes to production
  • Strategies for determining when is the right time to require documentation
  • Real-life case studies of organizations that have successfully transformed their data documentation using dbt Cloud

Who this is for

  • Users of open source dbt who are interested in understanding the benefit and value of dbt Cloud
  • Data engineers, analysts, and data professionals responsible for maintaining data documentation
  • Managers and team leads interested in optimizing data quality and documentation practices
  • Decision-makers looking to enhance data accessibility and reliability while optimizing resources


Lauren Benezra, Senior Analytics Engineer at dbt Labs

Victoria Perez Mola, Solutions Architect at dbt Labs