Empowering Public Sector Data Teams using dbt Cloud, with Maltem

About the session

Join Gordius Mak, Director Data Operations at Transport for NSW, and Muhammad Sunil Bokhari, Head of Data and Analytics at Maltem, as they share their perspectives on how dbt Cloud, in partnership with Maltem, is reshaping data delivery in the public sector.

Learn first-hand how iterative data modelling and transformation can streamline data workflows and foster collaboration, and gain valuable insights on the transformative power of dbt Cloud in driving efficient and sustainable data operations.

What you can expect

  • How Transport for NSW has adopted dbt Cloud as part of their modern data stack.
  • How dbt Cloud enables a common workflow for agile data delivery.
  • What good alignment between data engineers, analysts, and business stakeholders looks like in practice to optimise delivery efficiency and quality.
  • Insights from Maltem: Leveraging Industry Expertise to Enhance Government Data Transformation.

About Transport for NSW: Transport for NSW leads the development of a safe, integrated, and efficient transport system that keeps people and goods moving, connects communities and shapes the future of our cities, centres and regions in NSW, Australia.

About Maltem: Maltem APAC is a leading global data and analytics consulting firm specialising in delivering modern data stack and advanced analytics solutions to organizations in Australia. With a strong expertise in building robust data architectures and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we help businesses harness the full potential of their data.

When: Thursday, 2 November 2023 - 1.00PM - 2.00PM (AEDT)

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