Business critical data teams: Building a demand prediction engine at TIER

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How does a micro mobility startup rise to capture some of the world’s largest markets as the leading provider? They invest in data-driven workflows & operations.

Check out this conversation with Jerry Nwabuilo, Senior Analytics Engineer and Kumar Aman, Engineering Lead at TIER. During this fireside chat, Kumar and Jerrry will share their insights and experiences with TIER’s cutting edge approach to a data-first culture.

About TIER

TIER Mobility is the world’s leading shared micro-mobility provider, with a mission to change mobility for good. By providing people with a range of shared, light electric vehicles—from e-scooters to e-bikes—TIER helps cities reduce their dependence on cars.

Founded in 2018, TIER currently operates in 560+ cities across 31 countries, including London, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, and Dubai.

Meet the presenters

Jerry Nwabuilo, Senior Analytics Engineer at TIER

Kumar Aman, Engineering Lead at TIER

Sofia Sulikowski, Product Marketing Manager at dbt Labs

What can you expect?

  • TIER’s journey to 10x data team members and 500x rides and how dbt Cloud supported the exponential growth alongside Snowflake and AWS
  • How TIER built a demand prediction model to ensure their vehicle placement & parking incentives allowed them to maximize revenue
  • Q&A with Kumar and Jerry around TIER’s resulting new business opportunities

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