Optimizing costs in your data workflow

Data teams have always been asked to do more with less. “Can you make this easier? Can this run faster?” That focus on efficiency hasn’t changed. But what has changed is the macroeconomic pressure to tighten budgets, consolidate tools, and find cost optimizations wherever possible in the data development process.

As teams look back on the lessons of 2023, and look ahead at the budgets of 2024, this webinar provides a candid discussion—and tangible tips—for how to make the most of your resources.

What you’ll learn

In this webinar panel, data practitioners who optimized resources in their data workflow share exactly:

  • What they did
  • The impacts the initiative had
  • What they learned
  • The advice they have for other teams

Plus, the panelists share their perspectives on some of the most talked-about ideas to drive efficiency with spend: AI, self-service, modernization, and SaaS consolidation.

Meet the speakers

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