The time is now: Migrating from stored procedures to dbt Cloud

Are you tired of managing your SQL scripts, maintaining complex stored procedures, and spending countless hours debugging? If so, it’s time to switch to dbt—the modern data modeling tool that makes SQL and data transformation collaborative, modular, and version-controlled.

In this session, we’ll look at an example of moving a stored procedure to dbt, talk about patterns to help you think about migration, and look at some of the benefits of moving to dbt including lineage, less boilerplate, modularity and simplified debugging and deployment.

Watch and learn how dbt can modernize your data modeling process. Our experts will walk you through the benefits of using dbt and demonstrate how it can save you time and reduce errors in your workflow.

Meet our presenters

Lee Bond-Kennedy, Senior Solutions Architect at dbt Labs (Host)

Matt Winkler, Solutions Architect, Team Lead at dbt Labs (Host)

Ernesto Ongaro, Solutions Architect, Team Lead at dbt Labs (Host)

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