How to get value from the dbt Semantic Layer

Elevate your data decisions in 2024 with the dbt Semantic Layer, now generally available! Dive into this on-demand webinar where you’ll explore the powerful capabilities that will transform the way you and your teams shape and analyze data. With the dbt Semantic Layer, data teams have a scalable approach to defining metrics centrally and downstream data consumers have the confidence that they’re making decisions from trustworthy data. Say goodbye to data discrepancies, and hello to streamlined processes.

This is episode 3 of our 4-part series on how to get value from everything new in dbt Cloud. You’ll walk away empowered to get your organization to move faster with a foundation of reliable, unified data.

What you can expect

Expert-led Demos: Learn how to define metrics in dbt Cloud and enable downstream users to seamlessly query those definitions across a variety of analytics tools.

Business Boosters: Understand how the dbt Semantic Layer reduces complexity, aligns business and data teams on consistent definitions, and optimizes governance and productivity.

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Meet the speakers

In this session, you’ll have a chance to chat with experienced dbt experts making it a friendly and collaborative learning experience. You’ll see a live deep dive demo into the dbt Semantic Layer and learn how to get started with dbt Cloud today.

On-demand: How to get value from dbt Mesh

Did you miss the second installment of this series where our product specialists showcased the innovations in dbt Mesh and various access points including the all-new dbt Explorer and Cloud CLI? Tune into this on-demand session to learn how to navigate and manage data complexity at scale effectively. Watch the on-demand webinar here.