How to get value from dbt Mesh

Ready to see dbt Mesh in action? Watch a deep dive into how to navigate and manage data complexity at scale effectively. Finding business insights in your data gets more difficult as data projects grow in complexity. That’s where dbt Mesh, now available in dbt Cloud, comes in.

This is the second episode of our 4-part series on how to get value from everything new in dbt Cloud. We'll show you how you can empower distributed data teams to work together more effectively by breaking apart the project monolith. Tune into this on-demand session!

What you can expect

Expert-led Demos: See product specialists showcase the innovations in dbt Mesh and various access points including the all-new dbt Explorer and Cloud CLI.

Business Boosters: Understand how features like cross-project refs, model governance, and interactive lineage are essential for scaling your data projects and accelerating insights.