How to get value from dbt Explorer

Enhance your work process with dbt Explorer – a fresh knowledge base and visualization tool in dbt Cloud. Join us for this live session where you’ll dive into the endless possibilities that dbt Explorer brings to the world of data discovery.

Leveraging the metadata created from each dbt Cloud run, dbt Explorer empowers both data developers and data consumers to navigate the intricate web of data resources.

This on-demand session is episode 4 of our 4-part series on how to get value from everything new in dbt Cloud. You’ll walk away empowered to help your team better understand, navigate, and improve your global dbt projects.

What you can expect

Expert-led Demos: Our product specialists will showcase dbt Explorer’s newest capabilities—including column-level lineage—and how your team can better visualize, understand, and manage their dbt projects at scale.

Business Boosters: Learn how data developers and data consumers alike can use dbt Explorer to understand resources and their interdependencies, quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues, and proactively improve pipeline performance and costs.

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Meet the speakers

In this session, you’ll have a chance to chat with experienced dbt experts making it a friendly and collaborative learning experience. You’ll see a live deep dive demo into dbt Explorer and learn how to get started with dbt Cloud today.

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