dbt 101: A real-time look into dbt Cloud

It’s easy to get started in dbt Cloud—if you know what it does. But if you’re like thousands of data practitioners that are still working out how dbt fits into the modern data stack, and why it matters, dbt 101 can help.

Watch a 60-minute on-demand presentation. We’ll start with some of our most popular use cases, show dbt Cloud in action, and hear from real dbt users on how they navigated everything from stakeholder alignment to team training, and measuring success. We promise you’ll leave knowing how to explain dbt to anyone, with the confidence to launch your own project.

What you can expect

  • Top dbt use cases
  • A live look at the dbt Cloud platform
  • Where dbt fits in your stack, and who can use it

Meet our presenters

Randy Pitcher, Solutions Architect at dbt Labs

Gwen Windflower, Senior Developer Experience Advocate

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