Business critical data teams: Taming the chaos of data democracy

Data democracy sounds great in theory. Reality is more complex. As much as every business would like to get critical data into the hands of stakeholders, there’s significant risk that comes from exposing pipelines and models to a larger group of people.

The solution isn’t to shut down data access entirely and create bottlenecks to decision-making. Instead, businesses should take a governed approach to data access. By implementing measures—technical and cultural—that set limitations around access and make debugging easier, businesses can strike the right balance between promoting data democracy and avoiding data anarchy.

What you'll learn

In this webinar, panelists will share their perspective on the wild, wild west of data democracy, as well as how to embed governance throughout the data workflow. Attendees will come away with tangible tips on how to implement and up-level governance initiatives within their organizations, from both a technical and cultural perspective.


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