Build for scale, agility, and reliability with dbt Cloud, AutomateDV, and Data Vault

About the session:

Move away from inconsistent and siloed data models to a unified, scalable architecture that supports agile development and simplifies data complexity. Watch now and discover how to leverage the power of dbt Cloud and AutomateDV to build a streamlined, dependable, and scalable data architecture.

You’ll learn strategies to implement template-driven development, automatic documentation, and integrated testing, enhancing your team’s productivity. Additionally, you’ll gain an understanding of what Data Vault is and why enterprises like McDonald’s Nordics are using it.

What you can expect:

Live Demonstrations: Learn directly from the specialists at dbt Labs and Datavault who are redefining data management. Witness a comprehensive walkthrough of how to build a Data Vault with dbt Cloud and AutomateDV.

Practical Solutions: Explore how to overcome your data modeling challenges, such as lack of version control, testing difficulties, and unsustainable bloat.

Exclusive Announcements: Be the first to hear about our new shared commercial offerings designed to help you get started quickly.

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Meet our speakers

In this session, you’ll have a chance to chat with experienced dbt and Data Vault experts making it a friendly and collaborative learning experience. You’ll see a live, detailed demo on building an end-to-end Data Vault with dbt Cloud and AutomateDV.