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dbt + Starburst

Scale your data development with an integration that lets teams manage complexity on a single, unifying platform.

Centralize and scale with dbt Cloud + Starburst

Connect Starburst to dbt Cloud and enable your team to write queries that join data from different data stores, including cloud data platforms, data lakes, object storage, streaming databases, and more.

Easily centralize your data development process on a single platform—simplifying an often daunting task for large enterprises that use a wide range of technology throughout a business.

Reduce cost and complexity

Create transformation logic that’s pushed down to multiple data stores from a single project — with no data movement required.

Scale complex systems

Manage the complexity of scaling by federating queries from one source, so your team can take control of data at the domain level.

Unite your team

Eliminate bottlenecks and silos with SQL–driven development, which lets analysts and engineers collaborate on data transformation and modeling.

Connect to Starburst seamlessly within projects

Start by selecting Starburst as your connection of choice when creating a new dbt Cloud project. After a short setup, you’ll have the ability to join from multiple data stores using simple SQL select statements.