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dbt and Redshift

dbt Cloud leverages the scale and performance of Amazon Redshift, to help you ship trusted data faster.

Transform your data workflow with dbt + Redshift

Elevate your data pipeline development and administration using dbt Cloud’s seamless integration with Redshift.

  • Scale with ease. Analyze data across data warehouses, operational databases, and data lakes to deliver performance at any scale.
  • Build with better tools. Maintain separate production and development environments and leverage git-based version control.
  • Leverage Serverless Redshift architecture. Easily run and scale analytics in seconds without provisioning a data warehouse
  • Simplify administration. Execute and version control administrative tasks related to dbt projects using dbt hooks and operations macros.

Unite your team

SQL–driven development means analysts and engineers can both collaborate on data transformation and modeling, eliminating bottlenecks and silos.

Scale while managing costs

Control run-time and effectively manage resources with Redshift-specific configurations.

Improve data governance

Develop data pipelines with engineering best practices like CI/CD, version control, testing, and documentation as you code.

Learn from a community of thousands

Learn how organizations use dbt Cloud + Redshift to ship trusted data faster.

  • Nasdaq supports 100 billion+ transactions per day using dbt Cloud + Redshift.
  • Pepperstone increased speed to data delivery by 30%.
  • Safety Culture leveraged Redshift serverless to speed dbt workflows by 60%.

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