Joining the dbt Labs Partner Program

dbt Labs partners with consulting service providers and technology companies that have bought into the analytics engineering point of view and are working to advance the modern data stack.

The dbt Preferred Consulting Partner Program

The dbt Preferred Consulting Provider program recognizes consulting firms that display significant expertise in implementing dbt for their clients.

Program Benefits

  • Recognition as a dbt Preferred Consulting Partner: Your logo will be listed on the dbt Partners page, and you will be able to refer to your consultancy as a dbt Preferred Consulting Provider.
  • dbt Technical Enablement: Your team will have the opportunity to receive additional training on dbt best practices, and will get access to technical staff who can answer questions.
  • dbt Content page: Your team will get access to sales, marketing, and technical content created by dbt Labs. 
  • Free dbt Cloud Team Plan: For you to use for your training, demos, and non-production workflows, with preview versions of new features as they are available.
  • Co-marketing Content Development: You will be able to work with the dbt Labs marketing team to develop co-marketing content including webinars, white papers, and joint blog posts.
  • Collaboration with dbt Labs on dbt Cloud Enterprise Implementation: You’ll be able to work jointly with the dbt Labs sales team on POVs (proofs of value), and get support as you introduce dbt Cloud to your enterprise customers.

Application Process

  1. Submit Online Application: You can do this through the dbt Labs partner portal.
  2. Initial Call: An initial call for us to understand how your company works, your goals for joining the program, and your current work with dbt.
  3. Partner Agreement: We’ll sign a brief partnership agreement that outlines how we will work together.

Ongoing Requirements

  • dbt Project Registration: Partners are encouraged to register all their dbt projects in our Partner Portal.
  • Customer Satisfaction Reviews: The dbt Labs Partnerships team uses these registered projects to annually review customer satisfaction for each partner. Continually poor customer satisfaction may be grounds for removal from the program.
  • dbt Certification: If, in the future, dbt certification is provided to individual practitioners, dbt Preferred Consulting Providers may be required to have one or more of their team members certified.

Technology Partnerships

dbt Labs’ technology partners represent key components of the modern data stack that are directly complementary to dbt.

Our technology partners have either developed integrations with dbt or collaborate with dbt Labs in some other capacity. Partner integrations can vary in scale from a feature or adapter built using the dbt API to a simpler value-add like a dbt package. 

Contact us below if your organization would like to connect about partnering.

Become a Partner

Ready to get started? Apply to become a partner through the link below.

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