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dbt and Databricks

dbt simplifies analytics on the Lakehouse, enabling teams to turn raw data into insights quickly and efficiently. See why dbt is the fastest growing data and AI product on Databricks.

Enhance the power of the Lakehouse with dbt Cloud

dbt Cloud makes more possible on Databricks:

  • Involve data analysts in the development of data pipelines. With a guided workflow from development to production, dbt Cloud makes the Lakehouse accessible to those new to git and software development standards.
  • Ease collaboration across teams. Organize data infrastructure into modular SQL queries or Python functions that can be built, maintained, and shared more easily — with automated dependency management and run sequencing.
  • Make data understandable to line-of-business teams. Document as you code, and access lineage, documentation, and metadata through integrations with popular BI and data discoverability tools.

Reduce complexity and cost

With dbt, Delta Lake, and Databricks SQL, the entire data team can work in the same platform — avoiding redundant costs and simplifying architecture management.

Expand collaboration

dbt on Databricks brings best practices from analytics engineering to Databricks users, and dbt Cloud’s IDE makes the Lakehouse more accessible to analysts working in SQL.

Improve data discovery and governance

dbt’s support for Unity Catalog centralizes documentation and governance for your entire workflow.

Industry leaders are doing more on Databricks with dbt Cloud

Learn how leading organizations use dbt Cloud and Databricks to ship trusted data faster.

  • Conde Nast dramatically increased productivity while decreasing dependency on data engineers.
  • Explorium doubled the number of data sets brought online quarter-over-quarter.
  • Kaltura reduced their analytics-related AWS cloud spend by 20%.

According to the Databricks State of Data and AI Report 2023, dbt is the fastest-growing data and AI product, which grew 206% YoY by number of customers.

Build streaming pipelines on Databricks with dbt Cloud

With dbt native support for Databricks Materialized Tables, dbt makes both batch and streaming pipelines accessible in one place,  combining the streaming capabilities of the Delta Live Tables (DLT) infrastructure with the simplicity and embedded best practices of the dbt framework.

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Learn how to set up your dbt project on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform so that it scales from a small team all the way up to a large organization.

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