dbt and Redshift

Leverage the scale and performance of Amazon Redshift with dbt Cloud to ship trusted data faster.

Transform your team's workflow with dbt + Redshift

Elevate your data development and administration using dbt Cloud’s seamless integration with Redshift. Your team can run and scale analytics in seconds—without the need to provision a data warehouse, while dbt Cloud provides powerful features like Git-based version control, CI/CD, and built-in testing.

Scale while managing costs

Control run-time and effectively manage resources with Redshift-specific configurations.

Increase collaboration

Eliminate silos and bottlenecks with SQL–driven development that allows analysts and engineers to collaborate on data transformation and modeling.

Improve data governance

Develop data pipelines with engineering best practices like CI/CD, version control, testing, and automatic documentation.

Learn why industry leaders choose Redshift and dbt

Discover how leading organizations use dbt Cloud and Redshift to ship trusted data faster.

  • Nasdaq supports 100 billion+ transactions per day using dbt Cloud and Redshift.
  • Pepperstone increased speed to data delivery by 30%.
  • Safety Culture leveraged Amazon Redshift Serverless to speed dbt workflows by 60%.

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Start building with Amazon Redshift and dbt

Transform your team's workflow with dbt Cloud and Redshift. It's a winning combination for shipping high-quality data, accelerating production, and managing costs.

Learn how to get started

Read a quickstart guide, crafted by dbt Labs, on how to use Redshift and dbt Cloud together.

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