Table of Contents

  1. Data transformation
  2. Data testing
  3. Implementations + deployment
  4. Documentation + metadata
  5. The modern data stack
  6. Data dream teams

Supercharging your data team

Bastien spends his time doing data science, thinking best practices, tooling around, and working on open-source coding projects. In his free time, he makes music.

Jean-François, who also goes by Jeff, is leading a team of data analysts focusing on operations at TripActions: customer support, customer success, and supply. As a team leader, Jeff is passionate, energetic, and highly personable, and fosters people to follow what makes them resonate in life. Jeff is passionate about nature, and one day hopes to apply his data skills to serve a noble cause.

Now that your team is using dbt, what are the ways you can help your team work even more efficiently? The team from TripActions will share how they supercharged their data team, by using tooling and processes to make the lives of data analysts and data scientists smoother, and to get everyone working like a data engineer (without them even realizing)!

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