Learn why Matillion users love dbt Cloud

See why Matillion customers are switching to dbt Cloud to deliver analytics faster while improving data quality and trust. Standardize on a SQL-first workflow and promote data development best practices with dbt Cloud so your teams can ship trusted data, faster.

  • Build trust in data & data teams
  • Increase productivity & ship data faster
  • Reduce cost of producing insight

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How the demo works

Meet with a dbt expert who’ll guide you through using dbt Cloud to produce faster, maintain higher data quality, and have a more consistent workflow while working collaboratively.

• Step 1 — Meet with a dbt expert.
• Step 2 — See dbt in action with a live demo workshop.
• Step 3 — Get a customized plan for your organization.

How teams use dbt

dbt Cloud allows teams to work collaboratively for a standardized and centralized team workflow. Transformation and testing occurs within an intuitive, cloud-based user interface protected with fine-grained access control.


Book a demo to see what dbt Cloud can do

Invest in a framework that eliminates bottlenecks and improves data quality across your organization. dbt Cloud can bring your team together, and a demo with a dbt expert can show you how.