Transform joins dbt Labs: AMA with Tristan Handy and Nick Handel

About the session

Tristan Handy (CEO of dbt Labs) and Nick Handel (cofounder of Transform) about how and why dbt Lab’s acquisition of Transform will make data, and data work, more accessible and impactful.

This Community AMA will be your chance to go directly to Tristan and Nick to hear about what this means for you. As Tristan put it “Transform’s core technology, MetricFlow, is best-in-class when it comes to defining metrics and compiling those definitions into performant SQL. This technology—the creation of the ‘query plan’ and then generating high-quality SQL from it—is the Hard Part of what we refer to as the semantic layer, and it’s something that Transform has absolutely nailed.”

But it’s not just about the technology - in fact, in their blog post announcing the acquisition, the Transform founders note the dbt Community as being a key element of why these two orgs are better together - “together, we have an incredible opportunity to bring MetricFlow to dbt’s thriving community of Analytics Engineers. We have long believed that semantics and data transformation belong tightly coupled. There is no better way than to achieve that vision than to join our best-in-class technologies.”

Let’s gather together to discuss the next wave of change in analytics engineering and where it might go next!

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