Business-critical data teams: Firing up growth at Deputy with dbt Cloud

About the session

Ready to see how dbt Cloud can improve the data team’s morale by meeting and surpassing demands from internal stakeholders?

Watch our fireside chat with Huss Afzal and Sara Young to learn how dbt Cloud helped Deputy improve the accuracy and speed of their data products—highlighting how better data modeling can support growth marketing and sales conversion funnels essential for sourcing and forecasting new business.

About Deputy: Deputy makes it easy for employers and their staff to schedule and manage their shifts. Founded in 2009 in Sydney, it’s currently used by one in 10 Australian shift directors.

Meet our presenters

Sofia Sulikowski, Customer PMM at dbt Labs

Huss Afzal, Data Director at Deputy

Sara Young, Data Analytics at Deputy

What you can expect

  • What good business and data team alignment looks like in practice
  • How Deputy improved the quality and accuracy of their data products
  • How better data models build the foundation for accurate growth marketing and sales conversion funnels
  • How dbt Cloud helped scale Deputy’s data team and handle increased data volume